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    2. ABOUT BOONabout us
      • HISTORY
      • HONOR
      • NEWS
      • 2018年
        Entering the IT Park BuildingEstablished Foshan Office in the same year
      • 2017年
        Purchase Hangzhou Headquarters BuildingIn the same year, Ningbo Office and Chongqing Office were established.
      • 2016年
        Established Southwest Branch Company--Chengdu Baixin Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
      • 2015年
        Invested in Class D power amplifier IC companies--Shanghai Hanuo Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
      • 2014年
        The company's shipments exceeded 400 million for the first time.
      • 2013年
        Obtained the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate
      • 2012年
        The company's shipments exceeded 200 million for the first time.
      • 2010年
        Company sales exceeded 50 million yuan
      • 2008年
        The company's shipments exceeded 100 million for the first time.
      • 2007年
        CQC quality management system certification
      • 2006年
        Established South China Branch--Shenzhen Boon Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
      • 2004年
        Successfully developed low-cost precision voltage reference source TL431
      • 2003年
        The company's sales exceeded 20 million yuan
      • 2002年
        Successfully developed three-phase brushless DC motor control chip MC33035
      • 2000年
        Established Hangzhou Boon Electronics Co., Ltd.
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      Address:Building 7, IT Park, No. 1217 Wenyi West Road, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Phone:0571-85390556 Mail:boon@boon.com.cn 浙ICP备05023951号
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